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January 4, 2013

Transform your Bedroom with a Platform BedAmelie_UPH_PFBc1
written by: MaryAnn Allinger

Every woman feels she needs more bedroom storage space. Closets overflow and you do not have enough space for a chest of drawers. Well, the solution to your problem, may not be to get another room, but to simply change your bed. That’s right! It is that easy. Getting rid of your old box spring and introducing a comfortable platform bed, perhaps an upholstered platform bed,  is one of the best ways to get more storage space and also offers plenty of other unique benefits.

Advantages of a Platform Bed

Designer Features – Everyone knows that platform beds enhance bedrooms from a designer point of view. They have a great, modern look about them, and you can get many designer styles that will work for your specific bedroom theme, from plain wood, painted wood, upholstered ones, sleigh beds, Asian style, slatted beds and more. The aesthetic appeal of designer platform beds is just an added feature.

Storage Options – One of the best features of platform beds is the storage aspect, as there is normally a large space underneath the bed, where you can slide plastic or fabric storage containers. Some interesting styles of these beds include those with built-in storage drawers or unique bookcase type shelves which are not only functional for bedrooms, but comfortable too. These can even be upholstered to add to the look.

Unique Comfort – Let’s look at how these raised beds are comfortable. They are mainly comfortable as they provide extra back support, being firmer than box springs. If you sleep on a foam mattress you should choose a solid platform as opposed to slats to ensure that it remains comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for unique, upholstered platform bed such as the Amelie Upholstered Leatherette Platform Bed, or any other designer platform beds to make your bedroom look great and be comfortable, we have tons of great options to choose from. We provide top quality, great value for money, and excellent customer service, so getting your designer wood beds, upholstered platform beds, and unique storage options is a breeze. We at  can help you transform your bedroom today!


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