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Transform your Bedroom with a Platform BedAmelie_UPH_PFBc1
written by: MaryAnn Allinger

Every woman feels she needs more bedroom storage space. Closets overflow and you do not have enough space for a chest of drawers. Well, the solution to your problem, may not be to get another room, but to simply change your bed. That’s right! It is that easy. Getting rid of your old box spring and introducing a comfortable platform bed, perhaps an upholstered platform bed,  is one of the best ways to get more storage space and also offers plenty of other unique benefits.

Advantages of a Platform Bed

Designer Features – Everyone knows that platform beds enhance bedrooms from a designer point of view. They have a great, modern look about them, and you can get many designer styles that will work for your specific bedroom theme, from plain wood, painted wood, upholstered ones, sleigh beds, Asian style, slatted beds and more. The aesthetic appeal of designer platform beds is just an added feature.

Storage Options – One of the best features of platform beds is the storage aspect, as there is normally a large space underneath the bed, where you can slide plastic or fabric storage containers. Some interesting styles of these beds include those with built-in storage drawers or unique bookcase type shelves which are not only functional for bedrooms, but comfortable too. These can even be upholstered to add to the look.

Unique Comfort – Let’s look at how these raised beds are comfortable. They are mainly comfortable as they provide extra back support, being firmer than box springs. If you sleep on a foam mattress you should choose a solid platform as opposed to slats to ensure that it remains comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for unique, upholstered platform bed such as the Amelie Upholstered Leatherette Platform Bed, or any other designer platform beds to make your bedroom look great and be comfortable, we have tons of great options to choose from. We provide top quality, great value for money, and excellent customer service, so getting your designer wood beds, upholstered platform beds, and unique storage options is a breeze. We at  can help you transform your bedroom today!


Experience Luxury With An Upholstered Head Board

At the end of a long hard day, everyone searches for relaxation and comfort. We want to enjoy our home furnishings, making the end of the day tranquil. Most of us want to experience luxury living because it makes us feel that we have reached the standard of living that we all want for ourselves. Even though luxury equates with high status, you can still enjoy luxury living on a budget. One place to enjoy a luxurious experience is in your bedroom. You could start designing your ultimate luxury sleeping area and transform your own bedroom into the bedroom of your dreams.To start with, you could purchase an upholstered headboard also known as tufted or padded headboards, creating a sleek distinguishing feature to your bedroom.

You can sink into complete luxury with a white King sized upholstered headboard or a Queen leather tufted upholstered headboard. Tufted headboards are covered in fabric or leather and have a series of buttons or button like closures. White or black leather tufted upholstered headboards are big on style, yet easy on the budget. Nothing states luxury more than a padded leather headboard!  Also, King or Queen sized tufted or padded headboards are a great way to enhance your bedrooms’ appeal. Whichever head board style you prefer, it will display a simple style and streamlined look. An upholstered head board is a great statement piece that creates ambiance. The unique silhouette of a headboard, whether it’s a King size upholstered, or a Queen white tufted headboard showcases any room.  Bedroom designs are often dominated by the style of head board you choose.

At our online store we have for sale a great selection of the best quality upholstered headboards. Our headboards continue to create a feeling of luxury year after year. You decide your style; it could be a leather padded or tufted headboard, or King or Queen sized upholstered headboard. We have many styles and designs to choose from and only the best head boards are chosen for our site. Because we are a small, online based headboard store, we have low overhead, unlike that of traditional headboard stores. These savings are passed on to you, and hope that you too become one of our many valued customers. Our customers’ orders allow us to offer the very best, highest quality head boards for sale at discount prices. Visit our site at and find just what you have been looking for.

Top Ideas to Create your Dream Bedroom

When interior decorating, toss the budget out the window! Throw caution to the wind!

Don’t you wish we could really do this when we want to design our dream bedrooms? It would be so much easier – we could choose that unique chandelier that costs an arm and a leg, and splash out on comfortable, luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets, install luxury curtain décor, and create only the most stunning, decorating accessories and modern décor. Oh well, back to reality!

In today’s world, we cannot live without budgets, and especially when it comes to interior design, being thrifty with décor is vital. However, this does not mean you have to settle for traditional, drab master bedrooms that are uninspired and dull. With unique ideas, you can really do a lot with a little, and if you know how to choose comfortable, luxury furniture, create the perfect feel, utilize everything in the right way, and choose stunning, modern color combinations, soon you will be sleeping in an amazing dream bedroom!

Here are the top interior decorating and design ideas to start the process:

Pick your Colors – you can go for a wide range of color combinations and themes, including luxury neutral shades like cream, beige, mocha, white, and sandy hues; cool comfortable colors like blues, greens, some purples, and white; stunning, warm colors such as red, yellow, orange, and brown; or create a contemporary, unique mix of your dream colors. The latest luxurious color trends and ideas are leaning towards classic styles like periwinkle which is a slight mix of purple and blue, and usually paired with off white and either green or soft yellow for a relaxing, country style bedroom design. Aqua and coral are also really popular colors at the moment and lend themselves to kid’s décor or teenage bedrooms where brighter colors are appreciated and can even be used together along with the really modern colors of citrus yellow, neon orange, and psychedelic pink.

Fun with Furniture – In a traditional bedroom, the dominant feature is the bed of course, however, in modern décor, sometimes seating plays a central role, as well as unique units or systems where the bed is built into a storage or desk like those used in kids rooms. Think outside the box! To create dream master bedrooms, luxury and relaxation are paramount and decorating with comfortable furniture is a must, whether it is the bed or the seating. Interior ideas for classic and luxurious big bedrooms can include offering a seating area in a corner of the room or at the foot of the bed, which can also be incorporated into changing area near a dressing table or bureau. The furniture you choose depends mostly on how you want to use the space. Once you have decided on stunning pieces to include, you must choose the items based on the size of the room and according to your design theme. To truly create an amazing bedroom, you must display furniture correctly.

Accessorize – Aside from the colors and furniture, the rest is all about room décor. Keep your color scheme in mind as you shop and have set ideas of what you want to include in the space. You should not clutter it too much, so only get what is necessary to make your bedroom the luxury, beautiful, modern, unique dream masterpiece that you have envisioned. The best decorating accessories add a soft, comfortable, romantic feel to the bedroom, as well as enhancing the style, whether it is shabby chic, rustic, traditional, contemporary, or classic.

So, now you have some amazing interior decorating ideas to get you started. Remember, that to design a dream bedroom without spending a fortune on décor will take some patience and careful planning to create it perfectly, but the end results will be stunning!


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